Sunday, June 27, 2010

Instructions for Over The Lambow

The controls in Over the Lambow can be a bit complicated at first.
There are two game difficulty settings, easy and hard, and each setting has different controls. Therefore, referring to these instructions will help you to play the game before you begin.

(1) Controls (movement and the use of ladders)

1. Movement for Easy Mode (Touch Screen)

There are transparent arrows on the bottom left of the screen. Touch the arrows to move the character.

2. Movement for Hard mode (Accelerometer)

The gravity censor is used for control. Tilt left/right to move character left/right.

3. The use of Ladders

- Grabbing/releasing ladders

Jump near the ladder to grab the ladder.

In order to release the ladder, touch the screen in same manner of grabbing the ladder.

- Climb up and down ladders.

The accelerometer is used to climb up and down ladders.

Tilt back and forward to climb up and down ladders.


(2) Jump
Tap anywhere on the screen to jump. Tap once to jump, and tap twice to jump higher. In the easy mode, double tap to make the character jump his highest regardless of the timing, but in the hard mode, timing is important to jump highest.

One tap the screen for a single jump/double tap the screen for a double jump

(3) Progressing through the stages

Find the rainbow gate in order to finish a stage; however the gate is not visible at the start.

First, find a rainbow device next to the dog named Toto who guards it.

A round shaped rainbow device is next to Toto.

Second, once you get the rainbow device, the message, “Open Gate” appears. It means that the rainbow gate is open, so seek the rainbow gate. When seeking the rainbow gate, you can use the map to help. When reaching the rainbow gate, you complete the stage and move to the next stage.

The Rainbow Gate is shown under the arrow.

(4) Using the Map.

We offer a map function in order to look around the whole level. Click “Map” on the top of the left. You can easily find the rainbow device/gate using this function.

(5) Attack Button and Gauge

- Attack Button

Attack monsters using the attack button. You can also destroy obstacles that block your passage using the attack button.
The attack button and gauge are on the bottom of the left.

As shown above, you can attack monsters and destroy obstacles.

- Attack gauge.
It is necessary to fill the attack gage in order to keep attacking.
You can touch and break floating lambs in order to fill the attack gauge.

As shown above, touch a floating lamb to fill the attack gauge.

You can also collect this item to fill the attack gauge.

(6) Using Items

There are a variety of items. As soon as you collect attack items, they move to the item slot at the top-middle of the screen. When you touch the item slot, you can use the items you collect.

As shown in the picture, there is an item slot on the top